IT Operations Management

Is your IT delivering value for money, or is it perceived to only be an expensive cost centre? To what extent is your ICT strategy aligned with your business strategy? Whether seen through the eyes of the business or through the eyes of IT itself, IT departments must be able to demonstrate their role within the organisation. Delivery of high quality IT services that are aligned to and fully support business needs are key for every company to succeed in today’s economical jungle.

Effective IT Operations Management processes can help IT departments provide value to the business. We can provide advice and/or assist clients in setting up the internal IT organisation in a mature, cost efficient and risk aware manner. Our IT Operations Management services are centred on the following topics:

  • IT Strategy – long term strategy of the functional IT department, alignment between business requirements and priorities, and IT and its capabilities to support business.
  • IT Governance – organisation and governance of the IT function, typically focusing on achieving a balance between ’performance’ and ‘conformance’ in support of the business.
  • IT Value Economics & Cost Optimization – help  increase transparency of IT costs and value contribution, invest in the right topics and deliver on promised benefits, and optimize IT operations.
  • IT Performance – evaluation and improvement of the efficiency, effectiveness and maturity of the IT function with respect to its capabilities and delivery performance at all levels.

These IT Operations Management services can help management to:

  • Have a clearer view on the overall future direction of IT and realign the IT function to the business strategy and requirements
  • Get more value from IT spending and get transparency of IT costs and cost structures (e.g. IT assets and licenses)
  • Support large business transformation programs via realigned IT landscapes and architectures and efficient and effective IT organizations
  • Set the right levels for the performance and the maturity of IT and have the right metrics to measure and monitor the workings of the IT department