IT Sourcing

Many organisations are outsourcing so-called non-core activities to external or even internal service providers. Outsourcing is becoming increasingly common as companies seek to decrease costs, gain access to specialized skills and technology, and free up resources in order to focus on core-business activities. However, outsourcing also introduces new risks. It is therefore equally important to verify whether sufficient management controls over the outsourced services are in place.

IT Sourcing advisory deals with engagements related to the evaluation and execution of different sourcing options within the IT function. Increasingly, organisations are using alliances and sourcing partners, which introduces new business and IT risks. Dependence on external or internal (e.g. shared service centers) service providers requires hands-on management. Most outsourcing is typically focusing on cost optimization and/or improvements in service levels.

IT Sourcing advisory evaluates IT’s core competencies and supports the complete outsourcing life cycle from strategy, vendor selection if applicable, contract negotiation, service levels definition and reporting, to improving ongoing outsourcing relationships.

Delivering value beyond cost savings

The pressure to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness continues to fuel interest in sourcing. Whether in lean times or in a strong economy, the three pillars of sourcing — well-managed outsourcing, shared services and offshoring solutions — are becoming entrenched business strategies that deliver value beyond cost savings.

But the road to an effective sourcing strategy is often challenging. There are many variables to consider, especially if your organisation has never utilised sourcing before.

How Aypar Consulting can help

Our sourcing team can help you realize the benefits you seek from shared services, outsourcing and offshoring arrangements. We provide advisory services at all stages of the sourcing lifecycle to help you manage complexity and risk, gain efficiencies and deliver lasting change.

Working with you from initial strategy through to negotiations and transition support, we offer seven proven services:

  • Sourcing Readiness Assessment: determines your organization’s readiness to execute on a sourcing strategy
  • Sourcing Effectiveness Assessment: evaluates the benefits of current sourcing arrangements
  • Sourcing Transition Support: provides assistance to achieve seamless transition and creating a foundation for successful governance
  • Sourcing Deal Review: provides objective third party assessment of an outsourcing arrangement
  • RFP Services: RFP and vendor support
  • Comparative Analysis: a price and cost benchmarking services that enable quantitative review of outsourcing services
  • Commercial Contract Review: will help you get better value from contracts and transactions with third parties

Sourcing Strategy

The decision to implement a new outsourcing arrangement can have a significant impact on your business.

When delivered successfully it can transform your business operations, lower your costs, increase your efficiencies and provide a sustainable platform for growth by enabling you to focus your business.

Companies around the world that are looking to gain a competitive edge come to Aypar Consulting for sourcing strategy advice.  We work closely with clients around the world to develop the best forward looking strategy for them, identifying potential risks and challenges before they happen.

We help our clients to:

  • Quantify the expected benefits of outsourcing a specific work package
  • Define the optimum arrangements
  • Source value for money suppliers
  • Understand best practice methodologies and management processes
  • Benchmark to understand value realisation and ROI