Programme Delivery

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Businesses are experiencing ever increasing demands to execute change – be these in terms of developing new products, distribution channels and partnerships, reduced costs, process improvements or reacting to new regulatory requirements. The connection between strategy and reality is projects and programmes. Therefore, in order to connect strategies with success, it is important to be able to successfully deploy projects and programmes. This is where Aypar Consulting can help.

IT Projects and Programmes are increasingly complex and challenging. Aypar Consulting can help organisations implement appropriate strategy, processes, controls and sponsorship to reduce the risk of project/program failure and/or overrun.

Whether your project involves a major business transformation such as a merger or acquisition, a complex IT systems initiative, regulatory compliance or corporate governance efforts, or other critical issues, Aypar Consulting can help you increase the probability of success and enhance your project and program performance. Our services can help reduce the risk of project failure and may contribute to generating significant cost savings. We can help you to minimize poor selection decisions, costly overruns, misalignment with business needs, and poor-quality deliverables.

Aypar Consulting can assist organisations in the following areas:

  • IT Independent Project Assurance and Review
  • Portfolio Management
  • IT Project and Programme Management
  • Vendor Selection
  • Project / Program Office
  • Benefits Management

Ensuring successful delivery of change is one of the most significant tests for an IT team to face. Delivering to time, quality and cost whilst maintaining operational integrity is a constant challenge.

Our consultants have the skills and experience to lead internal or external teams of resources, manage vendors, communicate and develop trust-based relationships with key stakeholders, and manage to tight budget and time constraints. Whether implementing formal management methodologies, or working to internal procedures, our focus is always on delivering to the client’s requirements and objectives. We will become part of your team; driving your programme through to implementation, and facilitating smooth transition to operational run.

Project Management

Best practice IT project management means setting out with clearly defined, realistic and measurable deliverables. Just as importantly, it means understanding the business and working in partnership with stake-holders. Only by taking this approach can a project manager understand the risks and secure the necessary buy-in from project partners, to deliver on time and on budget. As a specialist IT consultancy with years of project management experience, this is what Aypar Consulting delivers.

Hatstand differs from other IT consultancies in that we only deploy senior consultants who have expertise in best practice project management; a clear understanding of how the project links to your business strategy; and proven knowledge in how IT functions operate.

Taking risk out of your equation

The constraints of cost, risk or both a combination of mean that many projects simply aren’t accomplished. Other projects fail because of internal obstacles and politics. To counter this, Aypar leverages its independence, expertise and experience to take full ownership of a project, exercise tight control and share its risks with the client. The result is the elimination of the risk of project failure, and a reduction in the time and the cost of the project, compared with attempting it in-house.

Whatever the size of the project we adopt a structured process that ensures measurable performance and control. Through every stage, our approach is thorough, precise and pragmatic. We work alongside our clients, communicating clearly and effectively. Every stage of the project is documented to completion, resulting in a clear audit trail, key milestones and measurable deliverables

Programme Management services

Managing business change is about more than just meeting milestones and achieving deliverables. Programmes are about realising strategic vision. Programme management is the bridge between this vision and the project tasks required to achieve it. To make this happen your programme manager needs to be capable of adapting and evolving, planning and communicating. Aypar has been delivering this expertise to a range of industry sectors since 2001.

Realising strategic vision, not deliverables

Achieving long-term strategic goals is the driver of successful business. Programmes are not multiple projects, but interlinked tasks and activities involving changes to cultural and work practices, to fulfil a strategic goal. These changes may be driven by increased regulation, responding to customer needs or reducing overheads. No matter what, Aypar Consulting works in partnership with you to deliver change effectively, bridging the gap between strategies and projects. Our consultants have the depth of experience to respond quickly and decisively to change; the knowledge to recommend the solutions; and the management skills to communicate them effectively.

Managing the transition, reducing the risk

Whether it’s establishing a new data centre or adapting infrastructure to meet new regulations, our consultants bring experience and acumen to a complex and vital operation. We provide the structure and processes to maintain “business as usual” and ensure the smooth transition from current methodologies or systems to future business operations. We achieve this by forging a critical link between strategy and management; we enable senior managers to plan and control and we manage the impact of change on stakeholders and the organisation as a whole. By understanding the broader context, we manage risk effectively and costs are controlled.