Who we are

Aypar Consulting is a nimble and dependable firm, responding to its clients’ needs by providing high quality, experienced consultants but at a cost not usually associated with a premium offer.

Our extensive network of trusted associates means we can bring additional skills and experience to help our clients.  Each of our associates has an excellent track record from previous senior-level assignments and shares Aypar’s values.  We take great care in matching the right individual to each client’s needs.

Recognising that value for money is more important than ever for our clients, Aypar Consulting has set out to offer consulting services at terms that are attractive and tailored to the task in hand. We are able to offer competitive fee rates because we keep our overheads low; no one these days has leeway for extravagance. Our strength lies in complementing a client’s existing team by bringing expertise and experience, whether change management, project turn-around or mainstream project delivery.

An essential aim is to form a close understanding of clients’ needs and to adapt our approach to suit.  We are confident enough of winning work on our merits that we will not be afraid to say when and how we believe we would best contribute to our clients’ plans, and when we wouldn’t.